With great knitwear comes great responsibility. 

Follow these simple steps to care for your cashmere and enjoy for a lifetime.

Piling. After the first few wears you may notice your cashmere garment forming small balls on the surface, also known as pills. These are caused by loose cashmere fibers tangling as they rub together during wear. Pills can be easily removed by a depiling knitwear comb or gently by hand, to keep your garment looking and feeling luxurious and soft.

Gently hand wash. Low environmental impact and great for cashmere, we recommend gently hand washing your cashmere in cold water. Simply start by filling up a small basin of water with a capful of your favorite cashmere shampoo. Be mindful that the water is not hot - your cashmere can shrink if it is too warm. After submerging your cashmere, gently squeeze the shampoo through the fabric without stretching, twisting or excessively rubbing the garment. Leave for up to 5 minutes to soak and then rinse thoroughly in clean water of the same temperature.

Top Tip - When it comes to washing frequency, Cashmere has natural antibacterial properties which means there is no need to wash your cashmere after every wear – simply air out your garment between use and only wash a few times a season. Your cashmere and the environment will thank you endlessly.

Reshape. Once your cashmere is clean, place on a flat, dry towel and roll to remove any excess water. Then whilst still wet, carefully smooth back into shape, keeping the garment flat. Keep away from direct heat such as radiators or sunlight and do not tumble dry. If necessary, use a cool steam iron to remove any excess wrinkles.

Store. The essential rule of cashmere storage is fold, don’t hang to avoid distorting the shape and fit of your cashmere. Store freshly washed cashmere in sealed, breathable bags to keep your garments looking their best. Try adding a cedar ball to keep moths at bay and remember to replace these regularly to ensure they stay fresh and do not become less potent over time.